Czech Republic

The Armenian Community of the Czech Republic

The Armenian community in the Czech Republic formed over the past two decades only, unlike the majority of Armenian communities in Europe that have been established long time ago.

According to the official records of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic as of 31 March, 2016, there were 1715 Armenian citizens legally residing in the Czech Republic, out of which 423 with temporary and 1292 with permanent stay permits. This statistics does not reflect the real number of the Republic of Armenia citizens as since the beginning of 2014 the Czech Republic recognized dual citizenship and, as a result, many of Armenian citizens, holding dual citizenship are officially registered as citizens of the Czech Republic. Moreover, many citizens of the Czech Republic as well as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, the Great Britain, Israel, Australia, and the United States residing in the Czech Republic have Armenian origin. Although the precise data is not available, however according to different evaluation, the total number of Armenians in the Czech Republic is from 5 to 6 thousand.

The following Armenian organizations active in the Czech Republic:

The Armenian Apostolic Church is registered in the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic on March 27, 2013 with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia. The spiritual leader is Barsegh Pilavchyan, the pastor of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. On August 3, 2013, the Parish Council consisting of 7 members was elected during the General Parish Assembly. The chairman of the Parish Council is Mr. Tigran Abramjan, distinguished artist, the founder of the "Armenia Club" NGO.
Until October 2015 the religious ceremonies were held in St. Giles (Kostel sv. Jiljí) Catholic Church of Prague, and starting from 11 October 2015 - in the "Holy Spirit" Church located in the central Prague, which has been handed over to the Armenian community by Archbishop of Prague Cardinal Dominik Duka, leader of the Catholic Church in the Czech Republic.

The "April 24 Committee of the Armenian community" is coordinating the events dedicated to the Armenian Genocide, and is co-chaired by the Spiritual Leader of the Community and the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia.

The Saturday school of the Armenian Community in Prague. The founding Principal is Mr. Armen Koloyan. The school is successfully functioning since 1996 in one of the campus buildings of the Charles University of Prague.

"ORER" (DAYS) European Independent Magazine was established in September 1999 in Prague. The publisher is Information Centre Caucasus-Eastern Europe international non-governmental organization with the editor-in-chief Mr. Hakob Asatryan. The bimonthly magazine covers not only the life of Armenians living in the Czech Republic, but also the community life, sports, cultural and political life of Armenians throughout more than 30 European countries of the world as well as the ongoing events in Armenia. The ORER website functions from November 2012 under the editing of Mrs. Anna Karapetyan.

“Armenia” club NGO (Prague) – The Chairman is Mr. Tigran Abramjan, who is member of the Czech Union of Artists. The main field of activity is the organization of art exhibitions. In 2006, Mr. Abramjan organized an international conference in the Senate of the Parliament of Czech Republic dedicated to the Armenian Genocide, under the auspices of Mr. Václav Havel, the First President of the Czech Republic.

"Czech-Armenian Cultural Association" – The Chairman is Mr. Gagik Tonyan.

"Urartu" Armenian-Czech Association (Jihlava) – The Chairman is Mr. Alexander Sargsyan. Mr. Alexander Sargsyan is actively engaged in cultural activities of highland region of Vysočina, Czech Republic. In Jihlava, the capital of Vysočina, the first Khachkar (cross-stone) in the Czech Republic was raised dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

"Photoart" periodical – The Editor-in-chief is Mr. Garik Avanesyan who is one of the renowned photographers in Europe.

"Towards Ararat" patriotic organization – The Chairman is businessman Mr. Davit Vanyan.

ARMPRAHA student/youth community.

The Armenians are mostly engaged in construction, catering and food industries, trade and service sectors. There are also large number of painters, artists, musicians, physicians, lawyers, jewelers, athletes, students and entrepreneurs.

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